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Livestream Directly To Team1Sports, Powered by HudlTV

Livestream Directly To Team1Sports, Powered by HudlTV (Desktop)

The Team1Sports, powered by HudlTV, livestream can be enabled or disabled for each game.

If you'd like to have the score shown on your livestream, your scoreboard needs to be in the camera’s field of view and turned on during installation.

Upload speeds should be greater than 10 Mbps in order to perform livestreams.

Wanting to stream with Production Truck? See our information on Creating a Broadcast in vCloud or Creating Broadcasts in Production Truck for vCloud. The following information should only be used if streaming directly from the Hudl Focus.

Livestream from a Schedule Event on

  1. Click on the Schedule Event you would like to a live stream to.

  2. Select your Powered by HudlTV channel from the Livestream dropdown.

    Don't see your Hudl TV channel? Reach out to your Hudl Representative to get access.

  3. Click Save.

Your livestream will then automatically appear on your Team1Sports, Powered by HudlTV, page for your fans to watch.

Livestream Directly To Team1Sports, Powered by HudlTV (iOS)

Set up streaming for HudlTV via your mobile app.

  1. Click the blue + sign to begin.

  2. Choose the correct account under Livestream.

  3. Choose the team and format (HudlTV) to livestream.

  4. Click the Add button.