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Broadcast with BlueFrame Production Truck

  1. Open BlueFrame Production Truck on your computer.

  2. Click the gear icon in Production Truck, or select Production Truck > Preferences in the Finder bar.

  3. In your Preferences window, select Devices then click the + icon.

  4. For Device Group, choose Network (Manual Entry).Your Device Type will be Generic IP Device.

  5. Enter the URL from the Focus app exactly as it appears into the URI field. Stream URLs are case sensitive, do not include any extra spaces or characters

    You do not need a username or password and do not need to change the URI dropdown.

  6. Click Add.

  7. In the Audio/Video tab, select any of your camera options.

  8. Click the Source drop-down menu and select the Focus URL you just entered.

    If you'd like the Focus audio also brought into Production Truck, select Audio 1 > Source > the same Focus URL you entered previously.

  9. Close your Preferences window.

Running into issues with your BlueFrame broad­cast soft­ware? Contact BlueFrame sup­port.