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Activate Your Camera

  1. If you haven’t already, install the Hudl Focus app from the App Store or Google Play.

    Your installer won't need a Hudl account to install a new camera, but only coaches and team admins with a Hudl account will be able to manage the camera once it's installed.

  2. Open the Hudl Focus app and log into your Hudl account if you have one. Installers without a Hudl account should choose Install a Camera.

  3. Select Install on the camera you’d like to activate. Then, tap Continue or Get Started.

  4. If you are logged into your Hudl account, tap Turn On Notifications to stay informed on scheduled recordings and get alerted of any issues with your camera or network.

  5. Name your camera based on its location and tap Continue.

  6. Choose which teams should have their schedules synced to the camera from Hudl. Tap Continue.

    Schedule entries on Hudl must be designated as home games to be automatically recorded on the Focus camera.

  7. Connect your YouTube account to livestream games. YouTube accounts can be connected at any time. Visit our livestreaming pages for more information on how to connect your account.

  8. Follow the steps and videos to correctly install the camera. You can also follow along the written instructions detailed on the Install Your Mount and Install Your Camera pages.

  9. Now that you’ve plugged in your camera, the Hudl Focus app will need to connect to the camera. Tap Connect to Wi-Fi, then Join.

    If you’re an iOS user and unable to connect, navigate to your device settings (Settings > Privacy > Local Network) to give the Focus app access to the camera.

  10. Once you’ve successfully connected to the camera, tap Continue to make sure it’s properly positioned.

  11. Use the Focus app to check that the camera is angled correctly.

  12. Follow the steps to make sure that nothing is blocking the camera’s view of the playing surface.

  13. Confirm that your camera view meets all the requirements and tap Looks Good.

  14. Wait for the information to be sent to Hudl. Once you land on the confirmation screen, tap Finish.

Hudl’s camera activation may take up to 24 hours.