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About Your Camera

How It Works

Hudl Focus uses multiple lenses to capture HD video. These angles are put together to capture the entire playing surface. You don’t have to worry about pan or zoom—Focus follows the play for you, automatically delivering the best angle for whatever sport you’re recording. Once the event is over, the video will automatically upload to your Hudl library.

How do my events get recorded?

  • The camera will automatically capture and upload video at the dates and times of any “home” event on a team’s Hudl schedule. Record on the fly anytime by creating a recording from the Hudl Focus app.

How do I know if my camera is set up and working properly?

  • You can also check the status light on the camera, located below the Hudl logo.
    • No lights means the camera does not have power and can’t record.
    • A pulsing orange light indicates the camera is booting up.
    • A white light indicates the camera is in standby mode, and is ready to record.
    • A green light indicates the device is recording.
    • A solid yellow light means your camera needs to be activated, or there might be network issues. Check the Hudl Focus app for instructions on what to do next.
    • A pulsing red light is a sign that you should give our support team a call.

If there is an internet outage, will my game still be recorded?

  • If a recording was scheduled prior to the outage, the game will be captured. The app will tell you that the device cannot be reached but the status lights on the device will indicate whether or not it is recording. The recording will appear in the library once the internet connection is reestablished.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to allow notifications from the Hudl Focus app to receive camera updates and alerts.
  • To connect a team’s schedule from Hudl to the camera, make sure the team is selected as a recorded team.