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Recurring Updates

Check for Focus Flex Software Updates

Check if your Focus Flex camera needs an update by logging into the Hudl Focus app. If an update is available you will see the update button on the camera list screen.

Additionally, you can also check for updates after connecting to your camera by tapping on the settings gear.

Update Focus Flex

  1. Update the Hudl Focus app in the App Store.

  2. Login to the Hudl Focus app and connect to your Flex camera.

  3. Tap the settings gear in the top right corner to find Camera Version

  4. Update Camera:

    • If your Camera Version is currently 10.13.0 or older, connect your camera via ethernet to your router. The update will start automatically.
    • If your Camera Version is currently 10.14.0 or newer, you will have the option to connect to an external Wi-Fi network to start the update. In camera settings, tap on Camera Version to connect to Wi-Fi and start the update.

If you are already connected to an external Wi-Fi network, the update will begin automatically.