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Record a video

Before starting a recording with Flex, make sure you have properly set up the tripod stabilization kit.

  1. Log in to the Focus App using your Hudl account email and password.

  2. Tap Connect next to your camera, then when asked to join the “HUDL-Focus” Wi-Fi network, tap Join. You’ll need to connect to your camera’s Wi-Fi to calibrate the camera to the field and start your first recording.

  3. Before recording, you’ll need to calibrate your camera to the field. Tap Calibrate Camera on the Record tab in the Hudl Focus app.

    For safety, if you need to move the camera to a different position, please lower the tripod before moving.

  4. Match the arrows to the field corners. Follow the steps in the Focus app to calibrate the camera. Make sure the top of the arrow aligns with each corner of the field, and use two fingers to zoom in and refine the placement.

  5. Tap Start Recording, select whether it’s a game or practice, and give it a title. Hudl Focus Flex will automatically record for the time you select, anywhere from five to 180 minutes.

    No need to keep the Focus App open when a recording is in-progress. If the camera’s front light is green, it’s recording.

  6. Tap Extend and select an amount of time to extend a recording by, or tap Stop to save and end a recording.

    Check the Camera Status tab for camera connection, battery life and more details on the status of your device.

  7. Once you’ve stopped your recording, turn off your camera by pressing the power button. After a few seconds, the light on the front of the camera will turn off, indicating that the camera is powered off.

    If the camera is left on while in the case it could overheat and get damaged.

  8. In the Hudl Focus app Recordings tab, tap Connect Flex to Wi-Fi to begin uploading. Your recordings will then automatically upload to If Wi-Fi connection is unstable, connect Flex to a Wi-Fi router using the Ethernet cable provided.

  9. Open the Focus app and tap Recordings to see the status of your uploads.

  10. To charge your camera, plug your camera into an outlet using the power cable provided. The lights on the back of the camera will flash orange when charging.

    We recommend charging for at least four hours for a full charge. You’ll know the camera is fully charged when all five lights are orange on the back of the camera, or by looking at the Camera Status tab of the Focus app when the camera is powered on.