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Privacy & Regulations

Hudl Focus Flex is currently in Beta testing for soccer. Learn more about Focus Flex and join the waitlist.

My school is concerned about privacy issues. Will anyone have access to the video?
Video captured by the Hudl camera is automatically & securely uploaded once the device is connected via wifi or ethernet and delivered to the team’s Hudl library. The raw video is uploaded to a private Amazon S3 bucket. Hudl servers encode this video into formats that are playable on and the Hudl mobile apps before delivering it to a team’s library. Hudl services may interact with the stored data to the extent required to fulfill service delivery.

Once the video is successfully delivered to a library, access to view Hudl video is controlled by administrators on the Hudl team. Admins can change the permissions on a video by clicking “Share” in the Hudl library. Hudl support and engineering teams may also access the camera for business purposes only.

Can my Focus camera be hacked?
The Focus camera requires a private access key in order to obtain remote access. Any network ports not in use by Focus are locked down and cannot be connected to.

How does Hudl approach information security & privacy?
Hudl’s information security, compliance & privacy programs are modeled after the International Standards Organization (ISO) 27001/2 standards, including ISO 27701, 27017 & 27018. These are some of the most widely accepted international security & privacy standards.

Is my Focus camera always recording?
Your device will only record video when a coach has started a recording through the Hudl Focus app. You can confirm the camera's status either by looking at the light on the device or by opening the Hudl Focus app. If the device is recording, you'll see a green light on the camera or in the top left corner of the app.

Is there a Windows/Mac version of the app, or is an Android/iOS device necessary for management?
At this time, there is not a Windows or Mac version of the Hudl Focus app. An iOS or Android device is required for setup and management.

Is my data co-mingled with other Hudl customers?
No, data is stored in a private, segmented, multi-tenant environment in AWS. Data is not co-mingled.

Does Hudl have a Privacy Policy?
Yes, click here to view our Privacy Policy.