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Hudl Focus Flex is currently in Beta testing for soccer. Learn more about Focus Flex and join the waitlist.

How long should I charge my camera?
To charge, plug your camera into an outlet using the power cable provided. The lights on the back of the camera will flash white when charging. We recommend charging for at least 4 hours for a full charge. You’ll know the camera is fully charged when all 4 lights are white on the back of the camera, or by looking at the Camera Status tab of the Focus app when the camera is powered on.

Will I need to update my camera?
You’ll receive software updates notifications via the Focus app, just like any other app from the app store.

How long before my video is in my library?
Video uploads automatically via Wi-Fi to your Hudl library so you’ll be able to make adjustments with your team quickly, with no long processing times. The amount of time it takes to get online depends on your network’s upload speed.

Can I use my Hudl Focus Flex camera for non-sporting events?
No, as of now Flex is only equipped to record soccer games.

What to do after my game is online?
If your team has Hudl Assist, it's time to submit your game to our team of professional analysts.

Create custom playlists to share with the entire team with comments and drawings for enhanced coaching moments.