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What You’ll Need

Hudl Focus Flex is currently in Beta testing for soccer. Learn more about Focus Flex and join the waitlist.

Focus Flex is a portable smart camera meaning there’s no permanent installation required like there is for Focus Indoor and Outdoor. Outside of a Hudl subscription and the Hudl Focus camera, your only other one time required purchase is the 24' tripod. If you’d like you can purchase an additional rechargeable external battery for an additional 4 hours of battery life to use at any time.

24’ Tripod

Flex is hands free and captures video from the perfect angle which means you’ll need a tripod to mount your camera to. Learn more about setting up your Tripod.

Stabilization Kit

Anytime the camera is raised in the air, especially on a windy day, the tripod must be stabilized. Failure to do so may result in shaky video, injury or property damage. We’ve provided a Stabilization Kit that allows you to secure your tripod to the field. Each Stabilization Kit is equipped with an adapter plate, sandbag, ropes and stakes. Learn more about setting up your Stabilization Kit.

External Battery

No power source? No problem. The rechargeable, internal battery is built to last for 3.5 hours. Plus, it’s easy to travel with. Focus Flex has the largest battery available to be carried on an airplane. Flex also includes an external rechargeable battery for an additional 2.5 hours of battery life. Learn how to connect your external battery.