Can I stream to multiple channels?

Ideally, your school will have set up their own pri­vate YouTube chan­nel for all teams to stream events to. Individual teams may also set up their own YouTube accounts for stream­ing purposes.

Can I integrate audio/​broadcast?

Send your Focus video feed to a broad­cast­ing soft­ware to add live com­men­tary, cus­tom graph­ics and more.

Sponsors for livestream

Hudl Focus will give schools the abil­i­ty to stream any of their Focus record­ings to a school-owned YouTube chan­nel for free.

Hudl does not cur­rent­ly sup­port adver­tis­ing or sub­scrip­tion. We pass the video to YouTube for your audi­ence to watch there, or wher­ev­er you embed the YouTube link.

Consult your broad­cast­ing soft­ware provider to learn more about what’s pos­si­ble with their platform. 

Can I use a different platform than YouTube to livestream?

You can use broad­cast­ing soft­ware as long as it accepts net­work video source/​IP feeds via RTMP.

Why isn’t the score showing on my livestream?

Either the camera’s view of your score­board is obstruct­ed, only part of your score­board is show­ing or your score­board wasn’t turned on dur­ing installation. 

If you need help fig­ur­ing out which, con­tact our sup­port team. They’ll also help find a solu­tion that works best for your situation.

My livestream was taken down due to copyright issues from music being played at our game. What can I do?

This is some­thing that YouTube con­trols. Coaches can check their warmup playlist before their next game on the YouTube Policies Page to make sure they are with­in the copy­right guidelines.