What do we do for away games? 

If the away gym your play­ing in has a Hudl Focus cam­era installed, be sure to coor­di­nate a direct exchange with your oppo­nent on Hudl. If the team you’re play­ing doesn’t have a Focus cam­era installed, use the Hudl app to record and upload your game or use a cam­era

How long before my video is in my library?

Your video will auto­mat­i­cal­ly appear in your library after the sched­uled event ends. The amount of time it takes get online depends on your network’s upload speed.

What do I do if a recording overlaps?

The cam­era is smart enough to over­lap events and upload the games under the cor­rect sched­ule event and team. The device will start record­ing 15 min­utes before each home game and will record for 3 hours unless stopped or extend­ed from the Hudl Focus app. 

Can I use my Hudl Focus camera for non-sporting events?

Yes! The Focus cam­era can record any of your non-sport­ing events such as half­time per­for­mances, pep ral­lies, grad­u­a­tion, the­atre per­for­mances, etc. as long as it’s record­ed from a team that has access to the Hudl Focus Camera. 

To set up addi­tion­al Hudl accounts, fol­low these steps

What to do after my game is online?