About Your Mount

What does the mount do?

The mount attach­es your cam­era to the wall or what­ev­er loca­tion works best in your facility.

Tell me about my mount.

Your mount should be installed with the hard­ware pro­vid­ed on a cement wall or stur­dy sur­face. Your camera’s required height depends on how far it’ll be from the side­line, click here for more details on instal­la­tion require­ments. It should be no more than 5 feet to the left or right of the cen­ter line.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a bub­ble lev­el to ensure your mount is lev­el. A lev­el mount is impor­tant to cap­ture qual­i­ty video. A crooked mount cre­ates crooked video which can­not be corrected. 
  • If attach­ing the mount to a con­crete wall, use a 3/16” mason­ry bit, a 5/16’’ nut set­ter and the pro­vid­ed con­crete screws. If not mount­ing into con­crete, use a ¼’’ met­al drill bit and the pro­vid­ed bolts, nuts and washers.