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Exchange Video and Data with Your League

Upload directly from your computer.

Use a camera to record your game, then connect it to a computer and upload the video. As it uploads, you can name it and add details like custom labels. Click Save and Continue to add it to the league exchange. Choose your fixture and voila! Once it finishes uploading, you’ll see it in both your library and the league exchange.

Learn more about uploading from your computer.

Record and upload from a mobile device.

Grab an iPad or iPhone and use the Hudl app to record your game. Once you connect to Wi-Fi, the video will automatically upload. After it’s online, jump into your league exchange to find the appropriate fixture, then add the video from your library.

Learn more about recording from a mobile device.

There’s power behind your league exchange.

Next week’s scout video is only a click away. Find the game in your league exchange and click + Add to Library. Review what your opponent has done in the past to gain edge on them. Pro Tip: Select a team from the left side of the page to see all their games.

See how to access video in the league exchange.

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