Manage Video

Keep videos organized in your account.  Move them to a different category or season, download videos or delete them.

Edit Video Clips

Use our online video editing tools to merge, trim or delete video clips.

Intercut Multiple Angles

Once you've uploaded more than one angle of video, use our online video editing tools to combine the angles into one playlist.

Move a Video

Accidentally uploaded game video to opponent scout? Or have video from last season that you want moved to this season? Move your video to a different category or event.

Copy a Video

Make a copy of your video. It's especially helpful if you have opponent scout that applies to two opponents in your schedule.

Download Video

This article teaches American football coaches how to take their video offline. It's also a great way to share video with a coach or team outside of Hudl.

Delete a Video

Delete a video that you no longer need.

Restore a Deleted Video

You deleted a video but now you know you need it back! No worries - learn how to restored video deleted in the past 90 days.

Manage Storage Hours

Check how many storage hours you have available in your account.

Reorder Clips

Reorder clips in a playlist.