Fix Streaming Kit Firmware Failures

These steps are for man­u­al­ly fix­ing firmware fail­ures with Hudl Sideline. Only use them when Hudl Support has instruct­ed you to do so.

  1. Download this firmware file. 

  2. Plug the stream­ing kit into an out­let using the pro­vid­ed charg­er. Leave it plugged in through­out this entire time.

  3. Turn the stream­ing kit off. 

  4. On the back of the stream­ing kit, press and hold the reset but­ton with a paper clip or sim­i­lar item. 

  5. While hold­ing the reset but­ton, turn the stream­ing kit on.

  6. Continue to hold the reset but­ton until you see the Teradek Recovery Mode” on the screen.

  7. On your com­put­er, click the Wi-Fi icon, then con­nect to the TeraRecovery net­work. This net­work is com­ing from the stream­ing kit. 

  8. Open a web brows­er and type in the IP address dis­played on the stream­ing kit.

  9. Select Choose File. Upload the file that was down­loaded from Step 1. It will be titled Teradek_VidiU_firmware_v2.4.4r27063 (1).bin.

  10. Click Restore. This will take any­where from 2 – 5 min­utes to complete.

    The h.264 light on your stream­ing kit will blink through­out this process.

  11. Click Reboot

    Do not nav­i­gate away from the page dur­ing this.

  12. Move the Menu but­ton to the right until you see Broadcast Settings.

  13. Move the Menu but­ton down until you see Network Settings, then push it to select.

  14. Push the Menu but­ton to select Wired

  15. Push the Menu but­ton to select Manual next to Mode. 

  16. Change the set­tings from DHCP to Manual or Static.

  17. Use the cur­sor and num­bers below to update the IP address. Be sure to check whether you’re fix­ing the End Zone or Press Box stream­ing kit and match the IP address accordingly. 

    End Zone Streaming Kit =

    Press Box Streaming Kit =

  18. Check that Netmask is set to If it isn’t, change it accordingly.

  19. Check that Gateway is set to If it isn’t, update it accordingly.

  20. Select OK

    Nameserver does not need changed.

  21. Select OK again.

    Domain does not need changed.

  22. Turn your stream­ing kit off, the back on. Then recon­nect the stream­ing kit to Hudl Sideline and reboot the entire Sideline kit.