Clear Project Files in Mercury

  1. Open Hudl Mercury.

  2. Open your start menu and type %localappdata% into the search.

  3. Open the folder titled Hudl Mercury Projects.

    Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+P while Mercury is open to quickly locate the project files.

  4. Delete all existing folders.

    If you’re on Windows XP, you will need to follow this path: C:\DocumentsandSettings\< username>\LocalSettings\Application Data\ and then delete all folders.

  1. From the Desktop select Go in the toolbar at the top and click Go to Folder…

  2. Type in ~/Library/Application Support/ and click Go.

    Use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+P for Mac OSX. Hold down all three of those keys while Mercury is the active window to quickly access the temporary project files folder.

  3. Select Hudl Mercury and delete all existing folders.