MaxPreps FAQ

Current Status

  • Roster, schedule, and box score data is being shared from Hudl to MaxPreps.
  • In order to complete the exchange of data, log in to your MaxPreps account and follow the steps that allow you to import Hudl stats. For more information, check out this link.

Key Information

  • An athlete will never be removed from your Hudl roster if you delete them on your MaxPreps roster. 
  • Personal information, such as phone numbers and email addresses will never be exchanged.

How did my Hudl data get on MaxPreps?

Hudl and MaxPreps are in the early phases of sharing data across the two sites. So far, rosters and schedules that did not previously exist on MaxPreps were imported from Hudl. Box score data is also being transferred.

Why are you doing this?

The goal is to save coaches time so they only have to enter their information once. In time, Hudl and MaxPreps intend to seamlessly share schedules, rosters, scores, stats, and select video highlights across both sites.

Some of the information is inaccurate. What can I do?

As of now, you will need to edit the roster or schedule on Hudl. (It could take 20 minutes before the edits appear on MaxPreps.)

  • If you update a player or schedule on Hudl, those changes are going to MaxPreps. Click here to see how to edit or remove athletes from your MaxPreps roster.
  • Currently, you have the option to import your roster and schedule from MaxPreps into Hudl.

What are the best practices for my Hudl schedule?

Make sure you do not mark scrimmages, passing tournaments, and practices as regular season games.

What are Hudl’s and MaxPreps’ plans?

Eventually, Hudl and MaxPreps intend to seamlessly share football schedules, rosters, scores, stats, and select video highlights across both sites. We will be adding more features each week until nearly all sports data is sync’d up and flowing back and forth between Hudl and MaxPreps.

What is the benefit of syncing data?

Once your games and athletes are synced between Hudl and MaxPreps, then videos, stats, and scores can easily pass between both sites so you only have to update one site.

What kind of data will be synced between sites?

Hudl and MaxPreps will sync stats and highlight videos. As always, privacy is a key focus. Private breakdown data will not be exchanged from Hudl to MaxPreps. Only game stats, scores, rosters, and schedules will sync up.

Public team and athlete highlight videos created on Hudl will soon be seen on MaxPrep team and athlete pages. Private videos will remain private.

Will Tag a Game data be synced with MaxPreps?

Yes! In the weeks ahead, if a team uses Hudl’s Tag a Game, the stats will automatically be synced to MaxPreps following the game.

What should I do if there is an error on MaxPreps?

You can make the corrections yourself or reach out to the MaxPreps support team: or 800.329.7324.