Install Video Editor

Hudl Video Editor is not the recommended workflow and is only available on a PC. Check out using Hudl Mercury to upload video to Hudl.

Install Hudl Video Editor

  1. Login to Click Install a Video Uploading Tool on the Home page.

  2. Click Download Video Editor.

  3. Follow the directions to save Video Editor to your computer.

  4. Run the downloaded Hudl Video Editor installer and follow the directions to complete the installation.

Create a New Project

  1. Open the Hudl Video Editor and click New Project. Unless you are adding footage to an existing project, you will want to create a new project each time you add video.

  2. Within the New Project dialog, give the project a descriptive name that will help you remember what video is included in that project.

  3. Select where you would like the project folder to be located, and click Next. We suggest keeping your projects in the default location.

  4. On the resulting screen, choose your team.

  5. If you don’t see the team you wish you use, click My Team/Season is not listed for a complete list. Click Next once you have selected your team.

  6. Choose the season the video represents and click Next.

  7. On the Manage Roster dialog, click Done.

For Volleyball only:

  1. Select the team you will be scouting and select the opponent

  2. Select what level of breakdown you will be applying:

    • Basic: You will only be breaking down serve, receive, side-outs, and points.
    • Detailed for Scout Team: You can do a detailed report (attacks, digs, etc.) and tag stats to players for your team only.
    • Detailed for Both Teams: Allows you to keep a detailed report for both teams.
  3. Click finish when you are done.

Once The Project Is Created

You can see the following areas on your screen

  • Quick Breakdown Area: Found on the right side of your screen for football, basketball, and volleyball projects only. The quick breakdown area allows you to quickly set some data in the Hudl Video Editor. It will become available when you begin to capture clips.
  • Clips list: Found at the bottom of the screen. Each row will contain the information associated with each clip.