Use Angle Import

Hudl Video Editor is not the recommended workflow and is only available on a PC. Check out using Hudl Mercury to upload video to Hudl.

  1. Open Hudl Video Editor and select a project.

  2. Click Add Video.

  3. Click Angle Import.

  4. The Open Project box will appear. Choose the project from which you would like to import an angle and click Load Project.

  5. Select the angle you would like to import and click Select.

  6. If Video Editor detects a difference in the data between the current project and the project your are importing, it will ask you to specify how you would like the columns to be linked. If this box does not appear, skip to step 8.

    • Select a column name in the Local Columns box.
    • Select a column name in the Server Columns box.
    • Finally, click the Link button in between the two boxes.
  7. The Column Links box will display the links you have created. Click Unlink to undo a link.

  8. Click Next to finish the angle import process and the new angle will be added to the project.