Manage the athletes that have access to your team's videos.

Add Athletes

Give your athletes access to the team so they can watch videos and improve their game.

Add Athletes from Another Team

No need to enter an athlete's information more than once. Quickly add an athlete from one team to another within your organization.

Edit Athlete Information

Update an athlete's name, position, and contact information.

Remove Athletes

Season is over and it's time to prep your account for the upcoming season. Disable athletes that are no longer on the team.

Move Athletes Between Teams

Move a group of athletes from Junior Varsity to Varsity to make roster updates quick and easy. If you have a spreadsheet of your athletes already created, import all the athletes at the same time.

Create Groups

Group athletes and coaches by position, grade level, or anything else so you can quickly share video and breakdown with specific groups.

Edit Groups

Update the groups you've previously created.

Remove Groups

Remove any of the groups you've previously created.

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Add Athletes with Invite Codes
Restore Athletes
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