Using Playlists

Playlists created in the Analysis Feature will also be accessible in the Library. Playlists created about your own team will appear in “End of Season Analysis", whereas playlists created about another team will appear in the “Opponent Scout” folder for that team’s schedule entry. 

Renaming and deleting playlists is coming soon.

The Analysis Feature is currently in beta, as we continue to improve on this feature throughout the 2020 season we’d appreciate your feedback every step of the way.

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Video and select Library.

  2. Click Analysis [Beta].

  3. To create a new playlist, select the + icon on a single clip.

  4. Select New Playlist

  5. Name your new playlist and click the blue check icon to save

  6. Another option available to create a playlist is to open the Video Selector and press Create

  7. To access the clips list, select the dropdown icon.

  8. To add all currently filtered clips, select the Add All button and select the desired playlist.

  9. To add a single clip, click the + icon on that clip and then select the desired playlist.

  10. To view playlists, click on the video selector and see that they are listed at the top.