Share Video and Data

The Analysis Feature allows users to share content via shared links through email, text, Hudl messaging, and more. Only team members will be able to access shared links, so there is no fear of a link falling into an opponent’s hands. When another user accesses a link that was shared with them, they will see exactly the same video and data as the person who shared it.

The Analysis Feature is currently in beta, as we continue to improve on this feature throughout the 2020 season we’d appreciate your feedback every step of the way.

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Video and select Library.

  2. Select Analysis [Beta].

  3. Select Share This.

  4. Click Copy Link.

  5. The link is now copied to your clipboard, paste the link in the team's chosen messaging service.

  6. Hudl will open up to the exact video and filters that were applied when a team member accesses the link. Shared links can only be accessed by users who are on your team.