Analysis Feature Beta

Analysis Feature Overview

Make scouting more efficient by giving coaches the complete picture of a team’s performance and tendencies through video and data.

Access the Analysis Feature

Explore new features in your library with the Analysis Feature.

Finding Videos

Explore and select videos for a single team from multiple seasons.

Watch Full Screen Video in the Analysis Feature
Filter in the Analysis Feature

Filtering allows you to quickly visualize the relationships in your data. Clicking any visual will filter the plays for you to immediately see how other situations and tendencies are impacted.

View Full Screen Stats in the Analysis Feature
Edit Data in the Analysis Feature

See a piece of data that’s not correct? Edit breakdown data within the Analysis Feature.

Move Stat Cards in the Analysis Feature
Using Playlists

Create and save custom sets of clips.

Add Effects in the Analysis Feature
Share Video and Data

Copy and send links to your team that open to specific videos and filters applied.

Shared Session

Host a remote film review with your team.

Give Us Feedback

Provide feedback on new the Analysis Feature.