Create a Magic Script

Magic Scripts are designed to get you 90% done with your script in under a minute. Indicate the oppo­nent you are prepar­ing for, the type of plays you need to prac­tice against, and your script will be created.

Creating a Magic Script requires:

  • Game film in the oppo­nent scout section
  • Breakdown data: ODK, OFF FORM, OFF PLAY and PLAY TYPE
  • Recommended addi­tion­al break­down data: DN, YD LINE and GN/LS
  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Play Tools and select Practice Scripts.

  2. Click Create a New Practice Script.

  3. Select the game you’re prepar­ing for and click Create a Magic Script.

  4. Customize your script by select­ing the following:

    • Script name
    • Run plays, Pass plays or a mix of both
    • Situation
    • Number of plays

  5. You can pre­view the plays on the right, then click Create this Practice Script when finished.