Print Your Playbook

  1. Log in to, then hover over Play Tools and select Playbook. 

  2. Click Print Plays. You can print your full playbook, individual plays, or an install.

Print Full Playbook

For the offensive playbook, your options will include: 

  • One card portrait or landscape (notes included)
  • Two, four, or eight cards per page

For the defensive playbook, your options will include:

  • One card portrait (notes included)
  • Two, four, or eight cards per page
  1. Choose which layout option you'd like to print and click Print Plays. 

Print Individual Plays

In your offensive playbook, sort cards by Play Name, Formation, or Defensive Front. In your defensive playbook, sort cards by Front, Stunt/Blitz, Coverage, or Offensive Formation. 

  1. Select the play card you’d like to print, then click the gear icon and Print. 

Print an Install

  1. Open any install and click Print. In an install, play cards can be printed in portrait.