Add a Play

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Play Tools and select Playbook.

  2. Select whether you’re adding plays to the Offensive, Defensive, or Special Teams play­book.

  3. Click Add a New Play.

  4. For the offen­sive play­book, enter Formation, Play, and Defensive Front. For the defen­sive play­book, enter Front, Stunt/​Blitz, Coverage, and Formation. For spe­cial teams play­book, add Play Name, Play Type, and Versus. Any saved tem­plate will auto-fill.

  5. To add play­ers, select the cir­cletri­an­gle, or text icon, then click on the field where it should be placed.

  6. To add zones, select a zone icon, then click on the field where it should be placed. Click and drag to resize the zone.

  7. To draw routes, select the draw­ing tool and the play­er for the route.

    • Click and hold the cen­ter as you drag to shift all play­ers on the card left or right.
    • Press the Shift key on your key­board as you click and hold the cen­ter to shift the offen­sive play­ers left or right.
    • For a straight-line route, select the play­er, then click on the field where the route should end. To con­tin­ue an active route, click anoth­er point on the field.
    • For a free-hand route, select the play­er, then click and hold while you draw.
  8. Click Attach a video clip to select an offen­sive clip from Game Footage, Practice, or Opponent Scout. Clips are cho­sen based on your break­down data that match­es your play. Learn more about adding break­down data here.

  9. Once you’ve select­ed the clip you’d like to use, select Use this clip.

  10. Enter the play­er assign­ment infor­ma­tion in the pro­vid­ed fields.

  11. For an offen­sive or defen­sive play, edit your field set­tings by choos­ing Midfield, Redzone, Goal Line, or Backed Up.

  12. For a spe­cial teams play, edit your field set­tings by select­ing whether the size of the field is Short or Long. Then, choose the posi­tion of the field by select­ing Midfield, Redzone, Goal Line, or Backed Up. 

  13. If you’d like, click Flip Play Vertical or Flip Play Horizontal.

  14. Click Save Changes.