Add a Play

  1. Log in to, then hover over Play Tools and select Playbook.

  2. Select whether you're adding plays to the Offensive, Defensive, or Special Teams playbook.

  3. Click Add a New Play.

  4. For the offensive playbook, enter Formation, Play, and Defensive Front. For the defensive playbook, enter Front, Stunt/Blitz, Coverage, and Formation. For special teams playbook, add Play Name, Play Type, and Versus. Any saved template will auto-fill.

  5. To add players, select the circletriangle, or text icon, then click on the field where it should be placed.

  6. To add zones, select a zone icon, then click on the field where it should be placed. Click and drag to resize the zone.

  7. To draw routes, select the drawing tool and the player for the route.

    • Click and hold the center as you drag to shift all players on the card left or right.
    • Press the Shift key on your keyboard as you click and hold the center to shift the offensive players left or right.
    • For a straight-line route, select the player, then click on the field where the route should end. To continue an active route, click another point on the field.
    • For a free-hand route, select the player, then click and hold while you draw.
  8. Click Attach a video clip to select an offensive clip from Game Footage, Practice, or Opponent Scout. Clips are chosen based on your breakdown data that matches your play. Learn more about adding breakdown data here.

  9. Once you've selected the clip you'd like to use, select Use this clip.

  10. Enter the player assignment information in the provided fields.

  11. For an offensive or defensive play, edit your field settings by choosing Midfield, Redzone, Goal Line, or Backed Up.

  12. For a special teams play, edit your field settings by selecting whether the size of the field is Short or Long. Then, choose the position of the field by selecting Midfield, Redzone, Goal Line, or Backed Up. 

  13. If you’d like, click Flip Play Vertical or Flip Play Horizontal.

  14. Click Save Changes.