Add and Edit Data

Hudl Beta is the future of Hudl, and we're just getting started. As we continue to release new features and improvements throughout the 2021 season, we'd appreciate your feedback along the way.

There are three ways to edit data in the Hudl Beta:

  • Quick Editor, quickly edit without having to go into full edit mode.
  • Vertical Editor, maximize video size and go in-depth of a single play.
  • Grid Editor, traditional grid view where you can see multiple plays of data at a time.

Data will update in both Hudl Beta and in the Hudl Classic Library—and vice versa.

Quick Editor

Notice something incorrect while working through tendencies? Edit data within Hudl Beta for any field without missing a beat.

  1. Click the pencil icon.

  2. Enter the updated data in the field.

Vertical Editor

Need to add data for multiple columns? Open the Vertical Editor next to the video to quickly enter data for the entire play without sacrificing video size.

  1. Click the pencil icon.

  2. Click Right editor.

  3. Enter the updated data in the field.

  4. To change back to list mode, click Editor and select List.

Grid Editor (coming soon)

Already have a workflow down? Open the Full Editor to see the traditional "grid" on the bottom of the video. See multiple clips at a time, and add or edit just as you have for the past 10+ years