Run Custom Tendency Reports

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, hov­er over Video and select Library.

  2. Click cir­cle next to the playlists you’d like to include in the report.

    You can run a report on mul­ti­ple playlists from the same sea­son or across mul­ti­ple seasons.

  3. Click Report to see a menu of avail­able reports.

  4. Click Create Custom Report.

  5. Use the drop-down to choose the data you’d like to include in the report. You can include up to 8 columns of data. 

    To move a col­umn, click and drag the move icon next to its name. To delete a col­umn, click the red delete icon to the right of the column.

  6. To save a cus­tom report tem­plate for future use, check Save this Report Template and name it. Next time you cre­ate a report, the tem­plate will appear at the bot­tom of the Reports menu.

  7. Click Create this Report.

    If you make changes to the data after run­ning a report, cre­ate a new report to get the updat­ed infor­ma­tion. Saving the report as a tem­plate will make this quicker.