Highlight Privacy

Team admin­is­tra­tors are the only indi­vid­u­als who have the abil­i­ty to change high­light pri­va­cy set­tings. These set­tings are con­fig­ured on a team basis. 

There are two dif­fer­ent pri­va­cy set­tings your team could have on:

  • No pub­lic high­light angles. With this set­ting, none of your high­lights will be avail­able to any­one who isn’t a ver­i­fied recruiter with­in Hudl or list­ed on your Hudl team. Please talk with one of your coach­es if you think your team’s high­lights are pri­vate by mis­take. They can change the set­ting by fol­low­ing these instruc­tions
  • Some high­light angles are pri­vate. Team admin­is­tra­tors have the abil­i­ty to make cer­tain angles pri­vate (i.e. Wide Angle, Tight Angle, End Zone). A work-around would be to high­light the pub­lic angle of that same clip if one is avail­able by fol­low­ing the steps below.
  1. Click Video.

  2. Find the playlist and clip you wish to include and un-click the star.

  3. While you’re watch­ing the angle you wish to include, click the star.

  4. Click Publish when you’re fin­ished editing.

Wide Angle is default­ed to pub­lic (unless your coach has cho­sen to make no high­lights pub­lic), but a lot of the times the End Zone and Tight Angles are left pri­vate. They aren’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly made public.