Reports Overview

Once you’ve tagged live or after the game, reports will automatically accumulate and can be viewed on any computer. Check this out for more information on tagging your video.

Stats Report

This report provides coaches and athletes with an overview of all their stats for high-level analysis and opponent comparison. To learn more about Hudl's stats report, click here

Shot Chart Report

The shot chart report shows a map of shooting location, efficiency and amount that can be filtered by team or athlete. To learn more about Hudl's shot chart report, click here

Box Score

An overview of a single game that includes team and player stats for both teams, shot charts and a run graph to visualize shifts in momentum. To learn more about Hudl's box score report, click here.

Opponent Scouting 

Use data and stats to break down an opponents strengths and weakness, then add custom notes to the report that can be shared with the rest of the team. To learn more about opponent scouting, click here

This report allows coaches and athletes to dive into one stat at a time for a deeper understanding of their performance. To learn more about Hudl's trends report, click here

Goals Report

The goals report enables coaches to tell Hudl what's important to them, making their reports smarter and more relevant to their team. To learn more about Hudl's goals report, click here

Do you want more information on how Hudl calculates stats like Effective FG%? Check out this glossary for how stats are defined.