Stat Reports

Use reports automatically generated from your stats to analyze your team's performance or get insight into upcoming opponents.

A Guide to Stats

Learn how your stats are calculated.

Reports Overview

Get the most out of your stats by using Hudl's automated reports.

Stats Report
Shot Charts

Use Hudl's shot chart tool to gain a better understanding of your shooters' hot spots.

Box Scores

Use Hudl's box score report to get an overview of a single game.

Scout Opponents

Using data and stats, Hudl can help scout your opponents for a better understanding of their top performers.

Filter and View Stat Reports

Get the most out of tagged games with automatically-generated stat reports.

Review the Possession Chart and Game Stats

Get instant analysis from your tags by using Hudl's automatically generated possession chart and game stats.


Pick out one stat to compare to an opponent to gain a better understanding of your performance.

Set and Track Season Goals

Goals enable coaches to tell Hudl what's important to them, making reports smarter, more specific and more relevant to every team.

Share Reports

Share a report with your team.

Print Reports

Print your stat reports.

Export Reports

Export your stats to a CSV file so you can take them offline.

Unit and Advanced Reports for Basketball
Soccer | Shot Chart Report
Lacrosse | Shot Chart Report
Lacrosse | Box Score Report
Volleyball | Trends Report
Volleyball | Box Score Report