Updates to Help Your Team Win

We’ve been busy this offseason building new tools based on your feedback.


Your account, your way.

A faster, more flexible upload process gives you more control over your video. Access all video from the updated library page and organize it the way you want with custom labels.

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Customize viewing permissions.

We streamlined the way you manage your roster and gave you more control over who sees what.


Experience a new way to watch video.

The redesigned video tools make it even easier to pinpoint teachable moments. Create clips of key moments with comments and drawings or save with one click.

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Comments are now conversations.

Players and coaches can now reply to comments on the video for more productive discussions off the court.


New stats lead to informed decisions.

Quickly jump to the moments that matter most to evaluate your team’s performance. Review out-of-bounds plays, plus/minus, minutes played and more.

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Don't want to stat the game yourself?

Send your video to Hudl Assist and we’ll break down both sides of the ball within 24 hours. With this year’s unlimited packages, you’ll never have to worry about running out of credits.

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