Data Solutions

Drive action with data.

Technical, tactical and physical performance analysis powered by Hudl’s proprietary technology.

Bridge the gap between objective and subjective layers of analysis to unlock the full potential of event and player tracking data.

Analyze with

Our proprietary quality control algorithms help us identify and correct erroneous data, making staffs confident they’re working with the best outputs possible.

“Hudl’s research and development team worked on this new project for the best part of two years to build a player tracking system which utilizes machine vision to track any object within an image frame.”

Sam Lloyd

Hudl, Vice President of Elite

Get data on demand.

Game reports provide a range of raw and aggregated data linked directly to video, along with Sportscode-ready files.

Pro Suite Data Validation Study

Learn more about how we tested the consistency and accuracy of Hudl’s data collection methods.

See performance in context.

Our advanced match analysis model provides detailed and flexible reports related to active, inactive, controlled and uncontrolled possession, aligning complex outputs to the way coaches actually think.

Experience a state-of-the-art production environment.

A combination of computer vision, machine learning and AI technologies combine with a proprietary production environment to provide accurate and consistent technical, tactical and physical data.

Set pieces

Transition effectiveness

Attacking third entries and outcomes

Defensive actions and successes

Make better decisions with data.

High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

Automatic Record and Upload

Event and Player Tracking Data

Online, Offline and Real-Time Review

Secure Data and Video Management