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How-To Videos

We made major updates to our Recruit product. These short videos walk you through the new functionality and features to improve your process.

New Prospect

Athlete Search

Use our improved search feature to identify new prospects faster.

Navigating Video

We've made it easier to switch between different types of video and different athletes.

Creating New Playlists

We've made the process of evaluating prospects even more dynamic and efficient by giving you the ability to create playlists, replacing the athlete profile tape functionality.

Existing Prospect

Assigning Status

Keep your prospects organized by classifying them with a color-coded status.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Play back video and add clips to playlists efficiently using keyboard shortcuts, even in full screen.

Multiple Prospects

Team Search and Evaluating Multiple Athletes

Use the team search feature to evaluate multiple athletes from a single team, and evaluate both using separate playlists with the same video.