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Online Training Sessions

DA Exclusive Online Training: Taking Your Team to the Next Level

Your team wants to win, and your athletes want to improve. We've got the tools to help you make it happen, and we'll show you how to use them. You'll learn how to share video with your team, tools to bring lessons to life, and best practices for adding video to your league exchange.

Get Video Online

Soccer Recording Tips

Want to improve your review sessions? It all starts with quality video. Check out our tips on recording matches—we cover everything from what gear you need to where you should set up on the pitch.

Online Training: Record & Upload

Quality video matters - especially when it's time to analyze your team's performance or share highlights with recruiters and fans. Learn how to capture great video and upload it to the league exchange.

Exchange Video with Your League

Gain an edge on upcoming opponents by adding video from the league exchange to your library.

Upload to the League Exchange from Your Computer

Capture the match on a hard drive camera, then upload to the league exchange from a computer.

Record and Upload to League Exchange from the Hudl App

Record the match on an iPad/iPhone to upload directly to your league exchange.

The Video Library

Manage Your Library

Organize your content the way you want.

Share Video with Your Team

Help athletes learn with video by sharing with your team so they can watch from anywhere.

Track Stats and Key Moments

Add Notes and Drawings

Bring lessons to life with notes and drawings.

Tag Your Match

Link your video to stats by tagging your game.

Add Custom Tags to Your Video

Create custom tags with the information that matters to your game plan—in your terminology.

Browse Stats in Your Video

Use stats to find the moments that matter most.

Promote Your Program and Athletes

Tag Highlights for Your Team and Athletes

Showcase your team’s top moments with highlights.


Step-by-step articles to walk you through any action

Upload Video and Exchange with Your League

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