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Volleymetrics Terms and Conditions

These VolleyMetrics Terms (“VM Terms”), together with the Hudl Organization Terms of Service (“Organization Terms”), govern Organization’s use of Hudl’s VolleyMetrics software and services (the “VM Services”). Any capitalized terms not defined in these VM Terms have the meaning given them in Organization Terms.

  1. Organization Terms. For purposes of Organization’s use of the VM Services, the defined term “Platform” in the Organization Terms shall include the VM Services, and all rights and obligations of Organization and Hudl described in the Organization Terms shall apply to the VM Services.
  2. Exchange. Organization acknowledges that the VM Services are open exchange services, which means that all Video (and statistics associated with the Video) is available to all other participants in the open exchange. Organization hereby consents to Hudl’s sublicense of Organization’s Video and associated statistics for purposes of providing the VM Services to other organizations using the VM Services. Organization shall not download, copy, scrape, or otherwise attempt to duplicate any other organization’s Video or associated statistics from the VM Services.
  3. Invoicing. Section 2.1 of the Organization Terms shall not apply to invoices related to the VM Services. Rather, Hudl will issue invoices to Organization via one or more email(s) addressed to the billing contact provided by Organization to Hudl for purposes of the VM Services. The remaining provisions of Section 2 of the Organization Terms shall apply to Organization’s use of the VM Services.

LAST UPDATED: May 16, 2019