How two teams used Hudl Sideline to make informed in-game adjustments

Take Control
From the First Snap

Armed with insights gleaned from wireless instant replay, both teams were able to address mismatches and missed assignments after just a few snaps.
Bellevue West High School

October 23, 2015

Lee's Summit High School

August 8, 2015

“They came out in a different defensive look than we had prepared for. We spent the first two or three series really sitting down and watching film and totally changing the game plan.”

Coach Eric Thomas
Lee's Summit High School

“Our offensive line coach sits down every single series with his five guys and goes over what they're seeing.”

Coach Mike Huffman - Bellevue West High School

Making the Most
of Halftime

The ability to review video at halftime made all the difference. Coaches spent less time wondering what the opponent was doing well, and more time making the right adjustments to finish strong.

“We installed two or three things at halftime that we used on the first drive to go right down the field and score.”

Coach Eric Thomas - Lee's Summit High School

Owning the
Second Half

Each staff flexed its coaching muscles by implementing crucial changes in the second half, where games are won and lost.
“The advantage it gives you is immediate feedback to those kids. They can see it right in front of them. It's going to make your job a lot easier as far as trying to figure things out when things aren't going the right way.”

Coach Matt Moore
Bellevue West High School

Securing the Win

Using Hudl Sideline to make the right decisions in real time, both teams went on to victory.

“I do believe that Hudl Sideline can make you a better coach.”

Coach Mike Huffman - Bellevue West High School

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