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Make it easier for recruiters to find you.

Share your Hudl profile with potential colleges and pro teams.

Recruit is a Hudl service that’s only available to recruiters. They use our video database to find and evaluate high school and club athletes in specific regions, or across the country. If you’re eligible, they can see you.

Eligibility is determined by your age, region and what information you have in your Hudl profile—you’ll need contact information, at least one athletic or academic stat, and the Recruit toggle turned on. This can all be updated from your Edit Profile page on Hudl.

By switching that toggle on, you’ll be making your profile information available to recruiters. Remember, you can always leave a detail blank on your profile if you want to keep it private.

That’s it! Easy, right? Just sit back and wait for the offers to roll in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many colleges use Recruit?

Around 200 colleges currently use Recruit, including over 90% of the Power 5. That’s a pretty impressive group, and they’re all looking for the best talent for their teams.

What information will recruiters be able to see if I opt in?

Recruiters will have full access to anything you enter on your profile. That includes your contact info, as well as your athletic and academic achievements.

How can college recruiters contact me?

By opting in and filling out your contact information, recruiters will be able to see anything you enter: address, email, phone and Twitter handle. They’ll choose whichever communication channel works best for them.

How can I help my chances of getting recruited?

It’s all about your Hudl profile. Having accurate, updated information will give you the best possible chance of being noticed. Recruiters especially love having access to your academic info—it can be hard to track down otherwise.

Keep these guidelines in mind as you build your profile. What will help you stand out the most? Highlights. Use our tutorials to help you get started.