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Montverde Academy

Provided a template on fostering a culture of competitiveness.

Montverde Academy

Provided a template on fostering a culture of competitiveness.

Who: Montverde Academy (Florida) 

The Story: When your program produces the likes of Ben Simmons and D’Angelo Russell, you know you are doing something right. 

Head coach Kevin Boyle has produced a competitive culture at Monteverde that has netted his program notoriety and his team championships. Although Boyle attracts some of the best talent across the country, he also knows that skill alone won’t get him where he wants to be. 

The environment at Montverde focuses on competing every day, playing together and putting in the work to improve both as  players and as students. Boyle and his staff push the education focus on the team through the use of technology and by insisting players think about how their actions on the court can affect opportunities for them in the future. 

From their college-like structure to their intense focus on video analysis, players leave Montverde as prepared as any high school kid in the country. 

“When you have so many like-minded individuals, it propels them. They push each other. They make each other better.” – Frank Holloway, assistant coach at Montverde Academy

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