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Alex Benson

Celebrated the athletic achievements of youth football coaches and athletes. 

Alex Benson

Celebrated the athletic achievements of youth football coaches and athletes. 

Who: Alex Benson, owner of Born to Compete

The Story: Because Benson had been involved with sports for most of his life, it was only natural that he develop a passion for inspiring and motivating young athletes. 

Through Born to Compete, Benson is able to provide parents, coaches and communities a chance to share in the achievements of deserving young athletes. He believes that through the acknowledgement and celebration of a child’s triumphs, his organization can offer the future a group of well-rounded, goal-oriented young individuals. 

The website instills a sense of self-worth in young athletes by offering a series of awards to those demonstrating high athletic and scholastic achievement.

“I believe that youth sports is one big family. I believe that there’s greatness in every single kid we cover.” – Alex Benson

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Coaches & Administrators

01Rick Tune

Educated students and players on the importance of teamwork. 

02Tony Dungy

Educated coaches and athletes about effective leadership techniques. 

03Pete Carroll

Educated individuals about how they can be the best person possible through speaking engagements, applications and training sessions. 

04Dave Cisar

Educated youth football coaches on how to run effective programs with healthy environments.

05Lou Marinelli

Motivated his peers to embrace technology in sports. 

06Mark Caldwell

Educated golfers through video analysis. 

07Jen Welter

Inspired female athletes to challenge themselves to leave a lasting legacy.

08Sam Rapoport

Knocked down barriers for female football players and fans. 

09Tuffy Latour

Embraced the power of video analysis as a way to improve player technique. 

10Steven Allen

Educated the water polo community on the importance of technology in the sport. 

11 Bobby Carr

Exhibited great determination when he decided to leave a powerhouse behind to pursue a new challenge. 

12Joe Daniel

Educated the football community through engaging content. 

13John Marinelli

Encouraged the adoption of technology related to video review and statistical analysis.

14Brandon Houston

Fostered conversations between thousands of coaches. 

15Eric Fisher

Drove interest in American Football in Mexico through technology and inspired students to seek higher education. 

16Neil Hope

Stressed the importance of video in player development. 

17Geoff Meyer

Fostered collaboration and conversation with key leaders in youth football. 

18Michael Breed

Educated golfers through engaging instruction and entertaining analysis. 

19Dub Maddox

Educated the football community on effective training and scheme tactics. 

20Alex Benson

Celebrated the athletic achievements of youth football coaches and athletes. 

21Anthony Stone

Expanded the reach of American football.

22Drew Galbraith

Educated the sports community about progressive professional development techniques.

23Shaka Smart

Inspired athletes through uplifting motivational tactics. 

24Kim Ewe

Established and developed American football across Europe. 

25Jonathan Branch

Educated players and coaches about the importance of video in personal development.