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Aaron Pistulka

Inspired bench warmers everywhere to embrace their role on the team.

Aaron Pistulka

Inspired bench warmers everywhere to embrace their role on the team.

Who: Aaron Pistulka, Linn-Mar varsity basketball team’s “Bench Captain”

The Story: There are only so many minutes in a basketball game, so finding playing time for every athlete on the roster is a difficult task.

Players that are relegated to the bench often get discouraged. That is unless you’re a member of the Linn-Mar varsity basketball “Bench Mob”. Led by their captain, Aaron Pistulka, Linn-Mar’s reserve players celebrate all of their team’s successes from the bench. And they do it with serious flair and enthusiasm.

The Bench Mob’s efforts became a viral phenomenon and opposing teams eventually tried to “out-bench” them. Pistulka and company definitely changed the way bench warmers are perceived.

We didn’t sit there and be sad about riding the bench, we embraced it. Together we changed the perception of the bench.” – Aaron Pistulka

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