Turn numbers into game plans.

Interactive reports connect video and stats like never before.


Get the hub for key stats.

It’s all here — everything from traditional team numbers to in-depth athlete insights, all linked directly to video.

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New in 2017

Inbound Efficiency

You can now track out-of-bounds plays to analyze your team’s efficiency and gain an edge on opponents.

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Shot Charts

Track the accuracy of every shot.

With the court divided into zones, it’s easy to see how to improve your team’s shooting success or discover your opponents’ strategies.

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Box Score

See a complete picture of each matchup.

Get a clear view of every game to pinpoint what happened and why.

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Learn from tendencies.

Find the answers you need with a visual representation of every stat’s development throughout the season.

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Hudl Assist

No time to track stats? Let us help.

Meet Hudl Assist, your new assistant coach. We’ll handle the stats—you can focus on coaching your team with the insights you’ll gain.

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What We Track

With Hudl Assist, you get the following stats for your team and your opponent.


  • Field Goals
  • 2-Pointers
  • 3-Pointers
  • Free Throws
  • Points For
  • Points Against
  • Points per Game

Shooting Efficiencies

  • FG%
  • 2-Point %
  • 3-Point %
  • Free Throw %
  • Effective FG %
  • Shot Type
  • Points in the Paint

Advanced Efficiencies

Assists and Turnovers

  • Assists
  • Turnovers
  • Assist/Turnover Ratio
  • Turnover %
  • Points off Turnovers
  • Transition Points


  • Defensive Rebounds
  • Defensive Rebounding %
  • Offensive Rebounds
  • Offensive Rebounding %
  • Second Chance Points


  • Personal Fouls
  • Charges Taken
  • Blocks
  • Steals
  • Deflections