Support Writing

Every time you write an email from our support team, you have the opportunity to impress the customer and represent our brand. A good support interaction can soften the angriest of coaches — but a bad one can aggravate the most loyal of them. So let’s break it down.

You want to sound friendly, natural and personal. Use the coach’s name — they’ll appreciate it. Use your name so the interaction feels more personal. Strive to be relatable, not robotic.


Your 2019–20 invoice was due seven days ago. Your account will remain locked until payment is received.

Hudl Support

Hi Coach Johnson,

It looks like your team’s invoice was due last Monday. I’ve already reached out to your customer success manager to see about an extension, and will let you know as soon as I hear back. Would you be able to send us a PO in the meantime?

John Jacobs

Words are powerful — they can make or break the customer experience. Coaches don’t expect you to solve their problem 100% of the time. But they do expect empathy during every phone call, email, chat or tweet. And rightly so. Every interaction should make the coach feel understood, respected and validated. Here are some positive phrases to use:

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • I completely understand how frustrating this must be.
  • I’m sorry to hear about the experience you had.
  • Great question, let me find the answer for you.
  • I really appreciate your patience.
  • Thank you for understanding.

One way to express empathy is using we” or our” phrasing more than I” or you.” Let the customer know you’re on their team and want to work with them to get their problem solved.

I'm sorry to hear you're having a problem.

Don't make it sound like they're on their own.

Don't worry, we'll get this figured out.

Do show that their problem is our problem too.

Remember empathy doesn’t always mean an apology. You can (and should) apologize when a coach has a bad experience. But you shouldn’t apologize for things out of your control. It diminishes our credibility — the more we apologize, the less meaning it has.

Next time you’re considering writing I’m sorry,” ask yourself if you really need to. If you’re not 100% certain, think about how you can rephrase it. Turn I’m sorry your internet is having trouble” into Let’s rule out your WiFi as the possible cause of these upload problems.”

Put a positive lens on what you write so you don’t come across as confrontational.

You can’t see the exchanges tab because you’re not an admin.

Only team admins will be able to see the exchanges tab. Looks like your team admin is Bill Simpson. He can send the exchange or make you an admin.

The first says what can’t be done while the second com­mu­ni­cates what can. A few more words or details can make all the difference in the coach’s eyes.

In most customer emails, there’s more than one question being asked. To avoid sending a long paragraph of information back, segment your response into multiple small sections or use lists. Use bold or italic text to emphasize. But remember — if everything is emphasized, then nothing is.

For more tips on how to make reading easy, visit our acces­si­bil­i­ty section.

Every interaction is a chance to teach the coach something new. If they send an email asking how to install their Focus mount, send them those steps plus how to mount their camera.

Great question! This tutorial will walk you through how to install your mount. Once that’s up, follow these steps to get your camera mounted.

If you want bonus points, introduce them to a new resource while you’re at it.

Great question! This tutorial will walk you through how to install your mount. Once it’s up, follow these steps to get your camera mounted.

Another great resource to check out is our Focus guide. You’ll learn about everything from installation to livestreaming.

But be careful not to bombard. Find the sweet spot between empowering them with resources and over­whelm­ing them.

  • Is this how I would talk to the coach over the phone?
  • What resources would help them learn even more?
  • Is my response structured, organized and helpful?
Last Updated: 14 Aug 2020 at 12:00pm CDT