Hudl Studios Writing

Hudl Studios is a divi­sion of the Media depart­ment with a mis­sion to help ath­letes get inspired, get bet­ter and get noticed. How? Through mil­lions of share­able high­lights. Every game can be bro­ken up into mem­o­rable moments. And those are real­ly the bedrock of every­thing we do at Hudl.

The spelling and accu­ra­cy of school names, coach­es and ath­letes is a top pri­or­i­ty. We strive to rep­re­sent our users in a pos­i­tive way, shar­ing their most excit­ing sto­ries, both on the play­ing field and in the com­mu­ni­ty. Our copy shouldn’t detract from the mag­ni­tude of a moment, whether it’s a tout­ed five-star quar­ter­back or a stu­dent manager’s only career 3-pointer.

When it comes to social net­works, we look to the Hudl voice and strive to be human, ener­gized, guid­ing and empow­er­ing. We focus on the pos­i­tive, encour­ag­ing and inspir­ing our ath­letes while pro­mot­ing good fun­da­men­tals and skills. We are rel­e­vant and keep it con­ver­sa­tion­al while appeal­ing to our younger audience. 

We don’t make fun or put down any­one in any play — we act as though both sides of the ball are Hudl cus­tomers (and they like­ly are).

A few com­mon guide­lines for media copy: 

  • We use AP Style state abbre­vi­a­tions in full sen­tences. (E.g., In December 2018, he was hired to lead Phoenix Central (Ariz.) as a 24 year old.) If sim­ply nam­ing a state, it should be writ­ten ful­ly (e.g., Alberts will be one of five Colorado natives on the 2021 ros­ter), not abbreviated.
  • An excep­tion to state abbre­vi­a­tion style is on low­er thirds/​biographical head­ers, where postal code is used. You can see how both styles/​examples are used in this video.
  • High school should be abbre­vi­at­ed both in full sen­tences and on a low­er third as HS,” while junior col­leges should be abbre­vi­at­ed as JC.”
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 at 10:47am CDT