Hudl Studios Writing

Hudl Studios is a division of the Media department with a mission to help athletes get inspired, get better and get noticed. How? Through millions of shareable highlights. Every game can be broken up into memorable moments. And those are really the bedrock of everything we do at Hudl.

The spelling and accuracy of school names, coaches and athletes is a top priority. We strive to represent our users in a positive way, sharing their most exciting stories, both on the playing field and in the community. Our copy shouldn’t detract from the magnitude of a moment, whether it’s a touted five-star quarterback or a student manager’s only career 3-pointer.

When it comes to social networks, we look to the Hudl voice and strive to be human, energized, guiding and empowering. We focus on the positive, encouraging and inspiring our athletes while promoting good fun­da­men­tals and skills. We are relevant and keep it con­ver­sa­tion­al while appealing to our younger audience. 

We don’t make fun or put down anyone in any play — we act as though both sides of the ball are Hudl customers (and they likely are).

A few common guidelines for media copy: 

  • We use AP Style state abbre­vi­a­tions in full sentences. (E.g., In December 2018, he was hired to lead Phoenix Central (Ariz.) as a 24 year old.) If simply naming a state, it should be written fully (e.g., Alberts will be one of five Colorado natives on the 2021 roster), not abbreviated.
  • An exception to state abbre­vi­a­tion style is on lower thirds/​biographical headers, where postal code is used. You can see how both styles/​examples are used in this video.
  • High school should be abbreviated both in full sentences and on a lower third as HS,” while junior colleges should be abbreviated as JC.”
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 at 10:47am CDT