Empty States

Empty states are screens in the inter­face that aren’t yet full of con­tent. They’re a great place to guide the user into action, teach them or show some brand per­son­al­i­ty. If you’re unsure what to put in your emp­ty state, start by con­sid­er­ing these best practices:

  • Educate your users. Tell them what should be there and why. This is also a great place for sim­ple onboarding.
  • Encourage users to inter­act with the prod­uct. Add an action or show them rec­om­mend­ed starter con­tent to get them engaged.
  • Keep it pos­i­tive. Don’t be afraid to show a lit­tle brand per­son­al­i­ty with words or imagery.

Work with a design­er and fol­low Uniform pat­tern guide­lines to deter­mine the con­text and the appro­pri­ate com­po­nent that gives the user the best experience.

Last Updated: 8 May 2020 at 1:27pm CDT