Products, Features and Services

We tend to write about our available software and hardware frequently. (Go figure.) So it’s important that we’re consistent in how we reference them.

We define a product as standalone software or hardware, sold by Hudl. 

When referencing products that have Hudl” in the name, you only need to use the full name the first time. Shortening to Assist” and Focus” is acceptable on subsequent mentions within the same content piece or product interface. 

We never use acronyms to abbreviate product or feature names. It’s not HSC” or ODF,” it’s Hudl Sportscode and Hudl Focus Outdoor.

These are the names (with proper cap­i­tal­iza­tion) of our products:

  • Hudl
  • Hudl Assist
  • Hudl Coda
  • Hudl Focus (See Focus section below for more details.)
  • Hudl Replay
  • Hudl Sideline
  • Hudl Sportscode*
  • Pro Suite
  • Recruit
  • Play Tools
  • Volleymetrics
  • Wyscout

*Hudl Sportscode is the new and improved product that used to be called just Sportscode.” If you’re referring to the older product, be sure to always include the old version number as part of the name: Sportscode v11.” Please don’t refer to Hudl Sportscode as Sportscode v12.”

There are three products that fall under the Focus umbrella: Hudl Focus Indoor, Hudl Focus Outdoor and Hudl Focus Flex. These are the official names.

When writing about Focus, there’s a few important things to note:

  • Be sure to call it the camera” or the Focus camera.” We reserve just Focus” for the entire product.
  • Regardless of which Focus product you’re referring to, stick to our subsequent mentions” guideline (i.e., on repeated mentions within the same email or content piece, you can drop Hudl” from the name).
    • However, never drop Focus” from the capitalized name. It’s Focus Flex” not just Flex,” same as it’s Focus Indoor” not just Indoor.”
  • You don’t always have to use the full name when dis­tin­guish­ing between indoor, outdoor and portable. Feel free to refer to the products as our portable camera” or indoor and outdoor Focus.” In these cases, you wouldn’t capitalize indoor,” outdoor” or portable.”
    • To reiterate, don’t capitalize outdoor” or indoor” unless it comes after Focus,” which would make it the official name (refer to the example below).

You can record every event in your stadium with Outdoor Focus.

Don't capitalize "outdoor" when it precedes "Focus."

You can record every event in your stadium with Focus Outdoor.

Do capitalize "Outdoor" when using the official product name.

Features are func­tion­al­i­ties that exist within our products. A user’s library, an analyst’s breakdown or a player’s highlight — these are all just parts of our overall product line. 

As a rule, we don’t capitalize features. Take Play Tools for example, which is capitalized because it’s the product name. But playbook and practice scripts are features within the main product Play Tools. You can’t buy just the playbook. So playbook and practices scripts aren’t capitalized. 

However, with any rule comes exceptions.

  • A few of our more recent features have the possibility of one day being a standalone product or of becoming the future version of a current product, so we’ve capitalized their names:
    • Studio
    • Hudl Beta
    • Hudl Focus Exchange Network
  • When a feature name is being used in copy where other rules apply, like a CTA button or title case headline, cap­i­tal­iza­tion may be necessary. See our cap­i­tal­iza­tion guidelines for more details.

When it comes to testing new features, we want to be consistent in how we talk to users. Beta” is the only external word we use to represent a feature that’s being tested and isn’t ready for wide release yet, regardless of whether we’re using alpha” or a different name internally.

We made this choice because there’s more customer awareness around the word beta,” especially for those who have been with us for a while. Plus, the internal lines between an alpha and a beta can become easily blurred for non-Hudlies.

Lastly, beta isn’t capitalized in normal cir­cum­stances. You might be asking yourself, What about the Hudl Beta?” Fair question. Since that beta is literally for the Hudl product, testing what Hudl​.com will look like in the future, an exception was made.

Last Updated: 7 Jan 2022 at 11:55am CST