Products, Features and Services

We tend to write about our avail­able soft­ware and hard­ware fre­quent­ly. (Go fig­ure.) So it’s impor­tant that we’re con­sis­tent in how we ref­er­ence them.

When ref­er­enc­ing prod­ucts like Hudl Assist and Hudl Focus, you only need to use the full name the first time. Shortening to Assist” and Focus” is accept­able on sub­se­quent men­tions with­in the same con­tent piece or prod­uct interface. 

Side note on the Focus cam­era specif­i­cal­ly: be sure to call it the cam­era” or the Focus cam­era.” We reserve just Focus” for the entire product.

These are the names (with prop­er cap­i­tal­iza­tion) of our products:

  • Hudl
  • Hudl Assist
  • Hudl Coda
  • Hudl Focus
  • Hudl Replay
  • Hudl Sideline
  • Hudl Sportscode*
  • Pro Suite
  • Recruit
  • Play Tools
  • Volleymetrics
  • Wyscout

*Hudl Sportscode is the new and improved prod­uct that used to be called just Sportscode.” If you’re refer­ring to the old­er prod­uct, be sure to always include the old ver­sion num­ber as part of the name: Sportscode v11.” Never abbre­vi­ate Hudl Sportscode to HSC” or Sportscode v12.”

We don’t cap­i­tal­ize any fea­tures or ser­vices that exist with­in our prod­ucts. A user’s library, an analyst’s break­down or a player’s high­light — these are all just parts of our over­all prod­uct line.

A great exam­ple is Play Tools, which is cap­i­tal­ized because it’s the prod­uct name. But play­book and prac­tice scripts aren’t cap­i­tal­ized — they’re fea­tures. The only excep­tion is when a fea­ture name is being used in copy where oth­er rules apply, like a CTA but­ton or title case head­line. See our cap­i­tal­iza­tion guide­lines for more details.

When it comes to test­ing new fea­tures, we want to be con­sis­tent in how we talk to users. Beta” is the only exter­nal word we use to rep­re­sent a fea­ture that’s being test­ed and isn’t ready for wide release yet, regard­less of whether we’re using alpha” or a dif­fer­ent name internally. 

We made this choice because there’s more cus­tomer aware­ness around the word beta,” espe­cial­ly for those who have been with us for a while. Plus, the inter­nal lines between an alpha and a beta can become eas­i­ly blurred for non-Hudlies.

Last Updated: 13 Jul 2020 at 3:09pm CDT