The Word Hudl”

Hudl as the brand, com­pa­ny and prod­uct is always spelled just like that — nev­er all low­er­case or all caps. 

If you’re talk­ing about Hudl as a brand or com­pa­ny, feel free to use first per­son: Hudl is hir­ing! Come join our team.” (Note that Hudl is always sin­gu­lar.) Some excep­tions to this include con­tent like press releas­es and con­tent writ­ten for exter­nal partners. 

If you’re talk­ing about Hudl as a prod­uct, third per­son is the way to go: Hudl is the indus­try-lead­ing plat­form. It pro­vides teams with video and data.” 

When writ­ing a URL, use all low­er­case let­ters: hudl​.com/​y​o​u​r​-​l​i​n​k​-​g​o​e​s​-here.

When refer­ring to Hudl​.com as a tool with­in the prod­uct, use the cap­i­tal H”: You can upload your video to Hudl​.com.”

Last Updated: 20 May 2020 at 10:06am CDT