We use plain, uncom­pli­cat­ed lan­guage when­ev­er pos­si­ble. But we don’t always use it the same way — it’s easy to mis­use words. This sec­tion will clar­i­fy and doc­u­ment the cor­rect way to write all of our com­mon­ly used terms and phrases. 

This will be a work in progress for the fore­see­able future because we want it to be com­pre­hen­sive. But we can’t come up with them all alone. So if you think a term or phrase is miss­ing and should be in this list, let us know with the change request form.

Please note: this sec­tion is not a place to store busi­ness-relat­ed terms or phras­es. We’ll con­tin­ue to use our inter­nal writ­ing resources for that.

(Hudl) Definition: The act of review­ing or study­ing per­for­mance, whether by video, stats or both.

Related terms: stats, data

Hudl is the leader in performance analysis.

(Hudl) Definition: Software that only our cus­tomers can access.

Accepted abbre­vi­a­tion: app”

You’ll manage your recording from the Hudl Focus app.

(Hudl) Definition: The com­plete set of stats and reports teams get back from Hudl Assist.

Explanation: When it’s a noun, such as the def­i­n­i­tion above, it’s one word. When using it as a verb, it’s two words.

Your breakdown will be ready within 12 hours.

Our analysts break down your game for you.

(Hudl) Definition: Make your camera’s video avail­able for oth­ers to watch live using soft­ware. Also includes var­i­ous options you can add, like com­men­tary, score over­lays and advertisements.

Explanation: One word. This work­flow requires addi­tion­al soft­ware Hudl doesn’t pro­vide, and some­one to run” the broad­cast (it’s not auto­mat­ic). But teams can still use Hudl Focus to eas­i­ly record broad­cast-ready film.

Related terms: livestream

Hudl Focus will capture the perfect angle for your broadcast.

Explanation: We use a sin­gle l” unless we’re writ­ing for an inter­na­tion­al audience

Don’t let canceled seasons stand in the way of your players’ development.

Explanation: This is the pre­ferred way for us to refer to the coro­n­avirus dis­ease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Avoid: Shortening to COVID or low­er­cas­ing it to Covid.

The Return to Play Program offers teams COVID-19 relief pricing.

Our pre-COVID-19 goals have been adjusted.

(Hudl) Definition: Raw num­bers col­lect­ed for analysis.

Related terms: stats, analy­sis

We’ll keep track of the data so you can focus on the game plan.

Explanation: No hyphen necessary.

Accepted syn­onyms: dis­able

Their account is deactivated.

Explanation: One of the rare times a verb is hyphenated.

Accepted syn­onyms: triple-check

Let’s double-check your invoice due date.

Definition: A list of options that appears when a word or icon is selected.

Explanation: Drop-down needs a hyphen since it’s mod­i­fy­ing menu. If we use the term mul­ti­ple times in the same con­tent piece, we can leave off menu and just use drop-down.”

Click the drop-down menu and select Download.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: kick­off, tipoff

Tonight’s faceoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Part of one of our prod­ucts, often a sell­ing point or val­ue prop.

Related terms: tool

The new analysis feature will make scouting a breeze.

Explanation: Needs a hyphen.

Avoid: Overuse. If every­thing is game-chang­ing, noth­ing is.

Instant replay is a game-changer.

Explanation: This phrase is two words, not one.

Hudl can help you craft a better game plan this season.

Explanation: Most of the time our team uses this term, it’s meant as an adjec­tive. When that’s the case, it needs a hyphen.

Let’s take a high-level overview of this topic.

Explanation: We use this term more as a noun, not a verb. Common verbs to use with this noun include save” or cre­ate.”

Accepted syn­onyms: high­light reel

Your players can use highlights to get recruited.

Explanation: Only hyphen­ate when it’s an adjec­tive direct­ly pre­ced­ing a noun. Otherwise, it’s two words.

This is a high-priority project.

These are the highest priorities for our team.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: tipoff, face­off

The kickoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Basically it’s a sporti­er ver­sion of improve” or get better.”

Explanation: This verb phrase is two words.

Do you want to level up your team’s performance this season?

(Hudl) Definition: Refers to the instan­ta­neous deliv­ery of some­thing, usu­al­ly as a fea­ture of one of our prod­ucts. Not com­plete­ly syn­ony­mous with real time.”

Related terms: real time

Use live capture in Sportscode to record your match.

(Hudl) Definition: Make the video your cam­era is record­ing avail­able for oth­ers to watch live.

Explanation: One word, no hyphen. This is a major sell­ing point for Hudl Focus because teams can auto­mat­i­cal­ly livestream their video from the smart cam­era to YouTube. Once the accounts are set up, all they need to do is select the games they’d like to stream and it’ll auto­mat­i­cal­ly begin once Focus starts recording.

Related terms: broad­cast

With Hudl Focus, you can livestream all your games for free.

Explanation: All one word, no hyphen necessary.

Get ready for the best matchup of the decade.

(Hudl) Definition: Taking it a step fur­ther than you have to, or sim­ply doing your best.

Explanation: Widely used inter­nal­ly, this phrase is two sep­a­rate words when used as a noun. But if you use it direct­ly before what­ev­er next lev­el” is describ­ing, it’s a com­pound adjec­tive and needs a hyphen. 

Avoid: Overuse. This is an inter­nal phrase that we don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want to force on our users.

Our team’s work is next level.

That was a next-level performance!

Explanation: All one word, no hyphens or spaces.

With HD playback, you won’t miss a moment of your game.

Explanation: Though we may have hyphen­at­ed these in the past, it’s now a com­mon enough term that AP Style has dropped the hyphen.

Related terms: pre­sea­son, postseason

Be sure to check our pregame checklist for Hudl Sideline.

And don’t forget to turn everything off postgame.

Explanation: Though we may have hyphen­at­ed these in the past, it’s now a com­mon enough term that AP Style has dropped the hyphen.

Related terms: pregame, postgame

While you’re preparing this preseason, don’t forget to plan for postseason tournaments.

We’ll check in midseason to make sure you’re on track

(Hudl) Definition: The soft­ware, hard­ware and ser­vices we sell our cus­tomers. All of our prod­ucts have spe­cif­ic names that are treat­ed as prop­er nouns.

We have a range of products for coaches and athletes, from Hudl and Hudl Assist to Volleymetrics and Recruit.

Definition: The actu­al time dur­ing which a process or event occurs.

Explanation: When using as a noun, it’s two words. When it’s used as an adjec­tive, a hyphen is necessary. 

Related terms: live

With Hudl Sideline, you can make adjustments in real time.

Make real-time adjustments with instant replay.

Explanation: When used as a verb phrase, it’s two words. Noun? Just one word accord­ing to AP Style. Yes, a bit of a depar­ture from their usu­al hyphen­at­ed nouns, but we’ll stick to it.

Hey Coach, can you sign off on this?

Your signoff is all we need.

Explanation: When used as a verb phrase, it’s two words. Noun? Hyphenate it.

You just signed up for Hudl Assist.

We’ve had ten sign-ups today.

(Hudl) Definition: Numerical data tied to the actions in a sport­ing event that indi­cate how well a team or play­er performed.

Related terms: data, analy­sis

Every stat in your reports is directly linked to the video.

Explanation: Hyphen is required.

Accepted syn­onyms: play­ers, athletes

Your school’s student-athletes all deserve performance analysis tools.

(Hudl) Definition: (v) The act of track­ing stats for a game or match. Or (n) a sin­gle data point that rep­re­sents an action that took place in a game or match. 

Related terms: tag­ging session

Tag games yourself or let our analysts tag them for you.

You can edit the unknown player tags.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: kick­off, face­off

The tipoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Part of a prod­uct that helps our cus­tomers per­form a spe­cif­ic func­tion. We com­mon­ly use it in the phrase coach­ing tools.”

Accepted syn­onyms: fea­ture

With Hudl, all your coaching tools are online and accessible from anywhere.

Explanation: The hyphen is nec­es­sary, as long as AP Style requires it.

Check your Wi-Fi speed if your upload isn’t working.

Explanation: It’s a com­mon enough phrase that we don’t need to write it any oth­er way.

Our support reps are available 24/7.

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