We use plain, uncom­pli­cat­ed lan­guage when­ev­er pos­si­ble. But we don’t always use it the same way — it’s easy to misuse words. This section will clarify and document the correct way to write all of our commonly used terms and phrases. 

This will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future because we want it to be com­pre­hen­sive. But we can’t come up with them all alone. So if you think a term or phrase is missing and should be in this list, let us know with the change request form.

Please note: this section is not a place to store business-related terms or phrases. We’ll continue to use our internal writing resources for that.

(Hudl) Definition: The act of reviewing or studying performance, whether by video, stats or both.

Related terms: stats, data

Hudl is the leader in performance analysis.

(Hudl) Definition: Software that only our customers can access.

Accepted abbre­vi­a­tion: app”

You’ll manage your recording from the Hudl Focus app.

(Hudl) Definition: The complete set of stats and reports teams get back from Hudl Assist.

Explanation: When it’s a noun, such as the definition above, it’s one word. When using it as a verb, it’s two words.

Your breakdown will be ready within 12 hours.

Our analysts break down your game for you.

(Hudl) Definition: Make your camera’s video available for others to watch live using software. Also includes various options you can add, like commentary, score overlays and advertisements.

Explanation: One word. This workflow requires additional software Hudl doesn’t provide, and someone to run” the broadcast (it’s not automatic). But teams can still use Hudl Focus to easily record broadcast-ready film.

Related terms: livestream

Hudl Focus will capture the perfect angle for your broadcast.

Explanation: We use a single l” unless we’re writing for an inter­na­tion­al audience

Don’t let canceled seasons stand in the way of your players’ development.

Explanation: This is the preferred way for us to refer to the coronavirus disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Avoid: Shortening to COVID or lowercasing it to Covid.

The Return to Play Program offers teams COVID-19 relief pricing.

Our pre-COVID-19 goals have been adjusted.

(Hudl) Definition: Raw numbers collected for analysis.

Related terms: stats, analysis

We’ll keep track of the data so you can focus on the game plan.

Explanation: No hyphen necessary.

Accepted synonyms: disable

Their account is deactivated.

Explanation: One of the rare times a verb is hyphenated.

Accepted synonyms: triple-check

Let’s double-check your invoice due date.

Definition: A list of options that appears when a word or icon is selected.

Explanation: Drop-down needs a hyphen since it’s modifying menu. If we use the term multiple times in the same content piece, we can leave off menu and just use drop-down.”

Click the drop-down menu and select Download.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: kickoff, tipoff

Tonight’s faceoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Part of one of our products, often a selling point or value prop.

Related terms: tool

The new analysis feature will make scouting a breeze.

Explanation: Needs a hyphen.

Avoid: Overuse. If everything is game-changing, nothing is.

Instant replay is a game-changer.

Explanation: This phrase is two words, not one.

Hudl can help you craft a better game plan this season.

Explanation: Most of the time our team uses this term, it’s meant as an adjective. When that’s the case, it needs a hyphen.

Let’s take a high-level overview of this topic.

Explanation: We use this term more as a noun, not a verb. Common verbs to use with this noun include save” or create.”

Accepted synonyms: highlight reel

Your players can use highlights to get recruited.

Explanation: Only hyphenate when it’s an adjective directly preceding a noun. Otherwise, it’s two words.

This is a high-priority project.

These are the highest priorities for our team.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: tipoff, faceoff

The kickoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Basically it’s a sportier version of improve” or get better.”

Explanation: This verb phrase is two words.

Do you want to level up your team’s performance this season?

(Hudl) Definition: Refers to the instan­ta­neous delivery of something, usually as a feature of one of our products. Not completely synonymous with real time.”

Related terms: real time

Use live capture in Sportscode to record your match.

(Hudl) Definition: Make the video your camera is recording available for others to watch live.

Explanation: One word, no hyphen. This is a major selling point for Hudl Focus because teams can auto­mat­i­cal­ly livestream their video from the smart camera to YouTube. Once the accounts are set up, all they need to do is select the games they’d like to stream and it’ll auto­mat­i­cal­ly begin once Focus starts recording.

Related terms: broadcast

With Hudl Focus, you can livestream all your games for free.

Explanation: All one word, no hyphen necessary.

Get ready for the best matchup of the decade.

(Hudl) Definition: Taking it a step further than you have to, or simply doing your best.

Explanation: Widely used internally, this phrase is two separate words when used as a noun. But if you use it directly before whatever next level” is describing, it’s a compound adjective and needs a hyphen. 

Avoid: Overuse. This is an internal phrase that we don’t necessarily want to force on our users.

Our team’s work is next level.

That was a next-level performance!

Explanation: All one word, no hyphens or spaces.

With HD playback, you won’t miss a moment of your game.

Explanation: Though we may have hyphenated these in the past, it’s now a common enough term that AP Style has dropped the hyphen.

Related terms: preseason, postseason

Be sure to check our pregame checklist for Hudl Sideline.

And don’t forget to turn everything off postgame.

Explanation: Though we may have hyphenated these in the past, it’s now a common enough term that AP Style has dropped the hyphen.

Related terms: pregame, postgame

While you’re preparing this preseason, don’t forget to plan for postseason tournaments.

We’ll check in midseason to make sure you’re on track

(Hudl) Definition: The software, hardware and services we sell our customers. All of our products have specific names that are treated as proper nouns.

We have a range of products for coaches and athletes, from Hudl and Hudl Assist to Volleymetrics and Recruit.

Definition: The actual time during which a process or event occurs.

Explanation: When using as a noun, it’s two words. When it’s used as an adjective, a hyphen is necessary. 

Related terms: live

With Hudl Sideline, you can make adjustments in real time.

Make real-time adjustments with instant replay.

Explanation: When used as a verb phrase, it’s two words. Noun? Just one word according to AP Style. Yes, a bit of a departure from their usual hyphenated nouns, but we’ll stick to it.

Hey Coach, can you sign off on this?

Your signoff is all we need.

Explanation: When used as a verb phrase, it’s two words. Noun? Hyphenate it.

You just signed up for Hudl Assist.

We’ve had ten sign-ups today.

(Hudl) Definition: Numerical data tied to the actions in a sporting event that indicate how well a team or player performed.

Related terms: data, analysis

Every stat in your reports is directly linked to the video.

Explanation: Hyphen is required.

Accepted synonyms: players, athletes

Your school’s student-athletes all deserve performance analysis tools.

(Hudl) Definition: (v) The act of tracking stats for a game or match. Or (n) a single data point that represents an action that took place in a game or match. 

Related terms: tagging session

Tag games yourself or let our analysts tag them for you.

You can edit the unknown player tags.

Explanation: It’s one word, no hyphen necessary.

Related terms: kickoff, faceoff

The tipoff is at 7 p.m.

(Hudl) Definition: Part of a product that helps our customers perform a specific function. We commonly use it in the phrase coaching tools.”

Accepted synonyms: feature

With Hudl, all your coaching tools are online and accessible from anywhere.

Explanation: The hyphen is necessary, as long as AP Style requires it.

Check your Wi-Fi speed if your upload isn’t working.

Explanation: It’s a common enough phrase that we don’t need to write it any other way.

Our support reps are available 24/7.

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