Vocab Traps to Avoid

Hudl’s voice is natural and casual. To keep it that way, make sure you aren’t falling into any of these common language traps. 

Instead of We’re hoping to get back to you soon,” try We’ll try to get back to you soon.” Instead of We’ll be adding this feature next season,” try We’ll add this feature next season.” Be intentional.

This typically happens when people try to get too fancy with their language — and fancy” isn’t one of our brand traits.

Common offenders:

  • Revolutionize (try change” or improve”)
  • Utilize (“use”)
  • Jeopardize (“risk”)

Jargon can be appropriate when inten­tion­al­ly targeting a specific audience. But for the most part, avoid it — especially any kind of slang (it’ll be outdated before you know it). Use language that is clear, accessible, inclusive and purposeful.

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2020 at 11:06am CST