Release Notes

As an ever-evolving resource, we want to track the updates we make. Check this page for a quick glance at what’s changed.

Products, Features & Services

New this year: Hudl Focus Flex, our portable smart camera system. A third camera in our product suite neces­si­tat­ed an update to this section.

Social Media

In col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Media team, we’ve organized all the tips, best practices and guidelines on writing for social media in one place. 

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Our first section on SEO is now live. Check it out to learn how to format the web page titles and descrip­tions that show up in search results.

Words to Avoid

This list likely won’t ever be complete,” but we’ve added additional entries to help Hudlies stay informed and inclusive.

Products, Features & Services

We recently launched Studio, the Hudl Beta and Hudl Focus Exchange Network, all of which warranted some updates to our guidelines on how we reference features.

Products, Features & Services

Hudl Focus Outdoor changed up the naming structure for our Focus product. Read the details to make sure you’re referring to this product correctly.

Words to Avoid

At Hudl, we want to make sure the language we’re using internally and externally is inclusive of all people. To help us understand why some words and phrases aren’t acceptable, we’ve added this page to our Accessibility & Inclusion section.


Our Key Terms and Phrases section got a major update. Introducing our new glossary, a list of com­mon­ly used words to clar­i­fy and doc­u­ment the cor­rect way to write them.

Best Practices > Links

We had some details spread throughout the guidelines, but no one section that covered everything. Now we do.

Hudl Studios

This is another team whose content is public-facing, so we needed to cover how to write for Hudl Studios.


From decimals to scores and rankings, we spelled out a few more details on how to write numbers.


Check out our newest entries on sport-specific abbre­vi­a­tions and how to shorten schools and grades.

Play Tools

Thanks to a change request, we realized Play Tools was missing from the guidelines. We added it to our list of products and explained the details in our features section.

Last Updated: 7 Jan 2022 at 11:57am CST