Release Notes

As an ever-evolv­ing resource, we want to track the updates we make. Check this page for a quick glance at what’s changed.


Our Key Terms and Phrases sec­tion got a major update. Introducing our new glos­sary, a list of com­mon­ly used words to clar­i­fy and doc­u­ment the cor­rect way to write them.

Best Practices > Links

We had some details spread through­out the guide­lines, but no one sec­tion that cov­ered every­thing. Now we do.

Hudl Studios

This is anoth­er team whose con­tent is pub­lic-fac­ing, so we need­ed to cov­er how to write for Hudl Studios.


From dec­i­mals to scores and rank­ings, we spelled out a few more details on how to write num­bers.


Check out our newest entries on sport-spe­cif­ic abbre­vi­a­tions and how to short­en schools and grades.

Play Tools

Thanks to a change request, we real­ized Play Tools was miss­ing from the guide­lines. We added it to our list of prod­ucts and explained the details in our fea­tures sec­tion.

Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 at 2:43pm CDT